Wall delineators with reflectors 50×185

Double-sided butterfly guardrail reflector
11 March 2020
Roadside delineator for one-way roads with reflectors 70×100
9 March 2020


Wall delineator with two wall mounting side tabs, made of 10/10 thick aluminum sheet or steel sheet. Supplied with 50x185 mm approved reflectors. Lenght 200 mm


DEL077BR5x18.5 white/red - steel sheet
DEL077AA5x18.5 orange/orange - steel sheet
DEL078BR5x18.5 white/red - aluminum
DEL078AA5x18.5 orange/orange - aluminum
DEL077R5x18.5 red - steel sheet
DEL077A5x18.5 orange - steel sheet
DEL078R5x18.5 red - aluminum
DEL078A5x18.5 orange - aluminum