Standard roadside delineator for two-way roads with wildlife warning reflector

Flexible delineator
6 March 2020
Guardrail delineator
18 March 2020


Standard roadside delineator for two-way roads made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) with a smokie black oblique-cut cap. Supplied with approved 50x185 mm reflectors and wildlife warning reflector on impact-resistant ABS support, size 81x184 mm. Wildlife warning reflectors are available in white (for deers), blue (for boars) and red (for small sized game). CE marked. Anchorage base and anchorage pin available on request..


- DEL015BRSELVBI white/red + wildlife warning reflector - white
- DEL015BRSELVBL white/red + wildlife warning reflector - blue
- DEL015BRSELVRO white/red + wildlife warning reflector - red


- cod. SPINOTTO anchorage pin for delineators
- cod BAS010 anchorage base for delineators
- cod TAPPOBAS top for anchorage base for delineators