Wildlife warning reflector

Double-sided butterfly guardrail reflector
11 March 2020
Roadside delineator for one-way roads with reflectors 70×100
9 March 2020


Wildlife warning reflectors on impact-resistant black ABS support for roadside delineators. Dimensions of support 81x184 mm. It comes wit reflective inserts 53x165 mm on both sides and 32x4.9 fitting screws and closure caps. Vehicles headlights hit the reflector that will redirect the light 90° creating an optical barrier that discourage animals from crossing the road. Once the vehicles is passed, the reflector stops reflecting the light and animals can cross the road safely. Available in white (for deers), blue (for boars) and red (for small sized game).


- cod. CATSELBI wildlife warning reflector - white
- cod. CATSELBL wildlife warning reflector - blue
- cod. CATSELRO wildlife warning reflector - red